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LCD Salvaging & Refurbishment

Do you have unusable LCDs in storage? It just makes sense to salvage reusable components from LCD panels that are unrepairable. At AGDisplays, our team members are very comfortable with LCD stack ups and builds. We work with your irreparable LCDs and salvage their parts to restore your field units to good working order.

Why trust us? All of our experts have been with the team since our beginning years. Together, we have 50+ years experience designing and repairing LCDs. AGDisplays is constantly pushing the envelope in redesigning, repairing and maximizing LCD performance in all environmental conditions. Our employees take pride in our company's role in the industry and we work hard to provide high quality workmanship on every customer project. Our RMA rate speaks to the quality of our work: <1% in industrial repairs and designwork combined.

How does it work? AGDisplays meets with your team to review resources and discuss project goals. This can include any broken LCDs, irreparable units, desired enhancements, and budget/timeline restraints. Once we agree on an approach that is configured to your needs, we'll bring in all your units for testing and inspection.

When your LCDs come in, AGDisplays disassembles, evaluates and tests the units to get to the root of technical issues. We also evaluate irreparable LCDs for salvageable components. After inspecting, troubleshooting and diagnosing the status of your LCD unit, our team segregates your unrepairable units for later use. Once our Lead Technicians review your whole project, we determine our technical approach so we can repair your units efficiently, cutting down logistics and lead times.

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We regularly use up-to-date testing equipment to accurately troubleshoot and evaluate all parts of your displays. This allows us to narrow down the parts and components of your units that we're able to take apart and reuse.

Some components can be purchased as new or used. Alternatively, components can be taken from your own stack of unrepairable LCDs. The latter option saves you time and money, allowing us to source parts without having to order parts and wait for them to arrive.

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AGDisplays inspects each LCD that comes into the facility for specific restoration requirements. We work to refurbish your LCD displays in two ways.

Our second approach allows AGD's value adds to revamp, restore or enhance the display. For example, during a coverglass repair, we may replace the original (damaged) coverglass with a new, stronger front coverglass while adding a simple film protector for vandalproof features. While we perform a base repair, we add enhanced solutions designed to extend the lifespan and durability of your display.

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reduce, reuse, recycle

Environmental consciousness has become a worldwide concern, and nowhere is this more evident than the global marketplace. A more sustainable approach for managing used and end-of-life electronics is critical. That’s why we’re proud to announce that AGDisplays is ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and R2 certified. Working with us ensures we work hard to:

  • Protect people and the planet
  • Protect data
  • Reduce 3rd party reliability risks
  • Preserve resources
  • Comply with all international import/export laws
  • Foster new innovation and technology
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