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one-stop-shop lcd repairs

AGDisplays provides high quality and uniquely crafted LCD repairs and refurbishments at a fraction of the cost of full unit replacements. We build a customized repair program that is specific to your project needs, conserving your team's time and maximizing cost savings. We focus on bringing valuable LCD solutions that exceed each of your project goals. We support your display lifecycle from design conception to end-of-life disposal.

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industrial repairs

AGDisplays offers a complete list of industrial repairs. Not sure what you need? We'll evaluate your panels on intake.

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Military repairs

Our team partners with companies in the Military segment to bring ruggedized designs and upgrades.

our top industries

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why work with us

Located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, our 124,000 square foot facility accommodates both low and high volume production capacity. Our facility maintains high tech, state-of-the-art equipment to perform meticulous testing and workmanship. With our high level of expertise, our teams provide technical skills and lend our creative problem-solving abilities to give our customers LCD displays that meet the demanding needs of your industries. From LED color matching and CCFL replacement to coverglass integration & ruggedization, AGDisplays knows LCD panels inside and out. That's what makes working with us so unique.

Founded in 2007, AGDisplays has used the last 14 years to continue growing our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. Each service we provide has been expertly reviewed and refined to give you the high quality workmanship your repairs deserve. Every one of our technicians is trained through a comprehensive mechanical curriculum to ensure that every LCD project is handled with precision and expertise.

custom program

We structure your repair program uniquely to your needs, so you can meet budget and time restrictions.

maximize savings

Salvage parts from irreparable units to maximize resources. Leave the quality testing and component sourcing to us.

warrantied repairs

We perform a full diagnostic analysis on each unit leaving our facility so you're assured our workmanship is at its best.

GLobal part sourcing

AGDisplays has a global outreach for component sourcing. We vet and evaluate each partner for quality and trust.

exclusive eol access

Unlock access to end of life panels that you might otherwise not have access to. If we can't find the part, we'll find a compatible replacement.

value add solutions

Looking for more? AGDisplays offers value added performance services designed to enhance standard display attributes.

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Looking for mitsubishi replacement lcds?

AGDisplays can help! We source, manage and redesign your LCD project. Find your Mitsubishi replacement today!