lcd electronic testing equipment

LCD Testing and Reporting

Chromacity Testing

Our equipment and software allow us to evaluate specific data about your systems LCD display. Our advanced testing machines allow fast and accurate measurement processes, allowing a high production environment.

Customers may rely heavily on the accuracy of display color/readability for control/gauging; it is of high importance that color schemes are represented correctly. AGDisplays uses our testing equipment to monitor and adjust color temperatures to ensure precise specifications so that your LCDs are calibrated for reliability.

  • Luminance
  • Gamma characteristics/adjustments
  • Reflectance
  • Photometry
  • White balance
  • Flicker measurement
lcd technician testing a display with lightmeter and chroma machine
lcd equipment speaker
Peripheral testing

Testing of peripheral hardware such as speakers and other system electronics can assure you that your parts are ready for deployment. AGDisplays uses digital testing tools to accurately reproduce the required testing specifications.

  • Frequency & decibel testing
  • Data and controller testing
  • Input/output power voltage
  • Peripheral integration efficiency
  • Cable design connectivity
  • Upgrade enhancement specifications
uv-c sanitization
of electronics

AGDisplays uses UV light sanitization to kill bacteria, viruses, and funguses from your electronic devices. Sanitize your hardware and protect your clients and personnel.

Research shows that UV-C technology emits shortwave ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microbes. Our handheld UV-C light helps your team reduce cleaning time while maximizing disinfectant results. This light doesn’t use chemicals or heat so it reduces our exposure to irritants in everyday cleaners.

AGDisplays even offers our UV-C Lamp Kits for purchase. Please see our store listing to learn more about this product.

uv-c sanitizer disinfecting handheld electronics
lcd with magnifying glass
pixel inspection

This service is for customers who have a zero fail pixel standard. AGDisplays uses a meticulous objective visual verification process to ensure your quality standards are met and that LCD pixel defects are not present in your products. We receive panels from the OEM before they reach the customer and we verify that your zero-pixel specifications are being met. If the panel fails OEM specification grade, we perform an exchange for panels that are standard or above standard for your industry.

AGDisplays employs a comprehensive training program so your units are in the hands of Technicians who expertly handle units like yours every day. Our Technicians and Inspectors use best practices in managing testing and inspections.

Customers may send LCD panels directly to AGDisplays for inspection. We inspect panels for hot, stuck dead pixel and evaluate LCD quality standards. We confirmand document our findings for verification purposes.

hipot testing

Short for high potential testing, HIPOT testing is run to check the integrity of the circuits in a design. The test verifies the insulation in the LCD is able to withstand high voltage. Testing alternates voltages from positive to negative and back.

Implementing HIPOT testing will allow you to understand the points of failure/breakdown of your equipment. In turn, this helps reduce field failures and spotlights improper integration techniques and design failures.

agdisplays hipot testing machine

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