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complete systems diagnostics

The purpose of diagnostics analysis is to recognize the root causes of problems as soon as possible. Performing a full LCD system evaluation can evaluate the unit's firmware for efficient functionality. Monitoring and diagnosing faults in an LCD manufacturing system is essential to the maintenance of a well functioning processing system.

AGDisplays employs specialized and universal testing equipment to review & test timing patterns, power circuit failures, faulty data and physical defects or damage. We can repair or replace defective parts or individual components of the electronic circuitry. We can repair or replace physical defects such as broken touchscreens or damaged polarizers.

lcd systems diagnostics benefits

impact damage

AGDisplays employs multiple physical inspection processes to ensure we are able to correctly identify exterior damages. We know bulk repair costs can add up quick; that's why we are precise in part replacement. Our impact damage inspections zero in on weaknesses in your build, where we are able to even replace parts with superior solutions. For example, if your panels come in with broken CCFL bulbs and you're asking for replacements, we might suggest LED rails for a durable and longer lasting alternative.

broken lcd tablet
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firmware upgrades

Upgrading the firmware of your touchscreen controllers, system boards and LCD controllers can improve performance and rectify troubling intermittent issues. AGDisplays can upgrade touch controller firmware from manufacturer-provided files and calibration tools. We are also vigilant on alerting customers of new firmware revisions that are available. Installation and calibration is done by trained technicians.

you can benefit from:
  • Enhanced automated signal level calibration
  • Low Power Management
  • Bug Fixes
Blank LCD Screen

Many items in a display assembly can result in the LCD appearing to fail or even not turn on at all. Identifying the correct items and exploring the root cause of the original failure can allow for a true fix to the issue and reduce future failures and down time.

  • LCD screen is completely blank
  • Flickering screen
  • Screen image not steady or reliable
  • Dim screen
  • LED backlight on, but no image displaying
  • Data turns off suddenly or intermittently.
  • No data or sound; or sound and no picture
man using industrial lcd interface to operate heavy machinery

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