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Replacements for EOL Mitsubishi LCD Panels

When Mitsubishi announced that they would be discontinuing their LCD manufacturing, AGDisplays began exploring potential replacements to serve customers who will now be seeking replacement displays. While some companies may offer a “drop-in replacement," the term ”drop-in” implies that no changes will need made aside from the LCD. The reality is, in most instances, something will need to change to accommodate replacing a Mitsubishi LCD with another manufacturer's display.  

AGDisplays believes in being upfront and transparent when reviewing a customer’s current challenges. Having to replace an LCD that is already implemented in your product is certainly a challenge. Being misled at the beginning of the exploration process is certainly not a great starting point. Some competitors show a replacement because they have the same diagonal size and resolution. There are many different LCDs that will match in size and resolution, but there are other real-world considerations to review when selecting a replacement display.

Many Mitsubishi displays are high-end, with improved brightness and contrast ratios that cannot be replaced by standard model LCDs. We can find the appropriate display to match or exceed your requirements. We can also mitigate lead times by negotiating timed-release shipments.

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common questions to review when
selecting a replacement display

Replacing an LCD requires some preparation. Below, we've prepared a small selection of questions to set you up with the necessary path this process can take. The questions can continue to expand as each unique scenario is explored.

The road to replacement isn't always a simple one; it's a timely and detailed process. Here at AGDisplays, we are focused solely o these concerns in most, if not all, of our design processes, so we are prepared to mitigate all your concerns swiftly and with proper urgency. We speak with the LCD manufactures directly and perform the analysis for your team as part of our normal operations. We pride ourselves in treating our customers the way we require our suppliers treat us: open and timely communication, with transparency and detail-oriented focus. To us, there is no other way to do business.

turnkey lcd design experts

AGDisplays regularly works with customers to replace panels that are no longer available. We explore every LCD manufacturer for the perfect match according to current specifications, environmental factors and performance improvements (if desired). With our turnkey services, we are able to bring our knowledge of the LCD market that bring your team a smooth replacement process, with little-to-no hassle for your company.

When you work with AGDisplays, you gain access to our resources. We have a trusted selection of vetted and established overseas vendors that we work with regularly, so you know you're not trusting in companies blindly. We can deliver with:

  • LVDS cabling to interface to your mainboard
  • Gasketing around the perimeter to aid in your install process
  • Metal brackets or mounting hardware unique to your specific needs
  • The same touchscreens or glass integrated to your original Mitsubishi display
  • Documentation such as full datasheets and 2D drawings, and environmental declarations

Replacement Focus

Some key areas that AGDisplays focuses on when selecting potential replacements are:

  • Learning the longevity expectation on the potential replacement display
  • Quality and attribute matching to the existing Mitsubishi LCD
  • Reviewing the Mass Production stage for the potential replacement display
  • Cost structure compared to the original Mitsubishi LCD analysis
  • Exploring the customers quantity needs and the manufactures minimum order quantities

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