lcd with bond being cured in bonding machine

Rugged lcd bonding

Bonding is popular among industry segments that are prone to harsh environmental conditions, such as military, marine, medical and transportation applications.  

When integrating or upgrading LCD designs, it is important to consider ruggedization method to provide extended lifecycle and enhanced viewability. When you add bonding to your design, the display increases in impact resistant and is less prone to environmental vulnerabilities like dust collection and moisture condensation.

Standard applications for bonding include touchscreen, small handheld screens and large display screens. Why add bonding? It acts as a method of integration for other LCD components. For example, in order to secure a touchscreen or coverglass to the display, a bonding method might be recommended. Bonding is mostly helpful in direct sunlight situations, where you need to reduce reflection and increase ruggedization. Other common reasons to perform a bond to your LCD include when a touchscreen or coverglass has been broken and/or needs to be integrated into your LCD design.

AGDisplays offers three different methods of bonding for your LCD: optical bond, OCA bond and tape/perimeter bond. Depending on your application environment, we customize the solution that creates the ideal LCD stack-up to withstand regular usage.

Bonding methods are performed in one of AGDisplays’ Class 1000 clean rooms. Clean rooms are used across various industries where tiny contamination particles may be susceptible for intrusion in the manufacturing process. It is a controlled environment that is specifically designed to keep levels of air pollutants very low. AGDisplays performs our critical manufacturing processes in clean rooms, including our bonding services.

Optical Bonding

This robust solution may involve a full lamination, consisting of two outer substrates sandwiching layers of adhesives and other elements. The solution creates superior LCD strength, prevents screen shatters and is less vulnerable to contamination & moisture. It also provides extended operational temperature range and increases touch response.

optical bonding benefits

perimeter bonding

Perimeter bonding is another touchscreen integration method . Our perimeter bond services provide a secure bond that increases LCD flexibility, long-term durability and improved appearance. The adhesive offers a wide temperature specification, allowing a durable integration method in various environments.

perimeter bonding benefits

oca bonding

Displays and touch panels are at their best when they perform with highly transparent, low-haze, and UV-resistant features. Adding an optically clear adhesive to your LCD’s stack up promotes these features.

oca bonding benefits
  • Increased Readability
  • Strengthened Durability
  • High Adhesion
  • UV Protection
  • Bare ITO Compatible
  • Whitening and Yellowing Resistant
oca bonding machine pressing lcd
lcd power evaluation station in agdisplays faclitity

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