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LED backlighting repair services

AGDisplays is a pioneer in LED backlighting technology. Our dependable component selections make the LED backlights and controllers offered by AGDisplays some of the most reliable in the industry. The AGD Design team works closely with your technical specifications in order to add efficient high bright LEDs to your LCD without compromising quality and readability. Innovative LED technology has opened up new opportunities with dynamic color mixing and color sequencing capabilities.

If your LED backlighting assembly is broken or doesn't seem to be bright enough for your application, it may be time to upgrade your assembly to high bright LED rails. Our team designs full high bright solutions that offer rugged features, low power consumption and ideal usage in ambient lighting conditions. Our team continually inspects the value and quality of our integration workmanship to ensure we are providing a safe installation.

led backlight repairs

Repairing and replacing LEDs are fairly simple. However, without expert design configuration, you risk losing contrast quality and increasing internal reflection, resulting in a less readable display. We are sure to keep an eye on heat management to preserve the lifespan of your LED, and could suggest cost effective solutions, if necessary.

LED displays are considered high bright once luminance measures 1000 nits and above. High bright LEDs are often used in outdoor applications because of the increased readability in ambient lighting as well as their ability to withstand severe temperature extremes. Natural sunlight luminance will reach into the thousands (nits), so it is recommended that any outdoor displays install high bright LEDs.

AGDisplays carries our own line of High Bright LED rails that we continue to advance as the industry changes. We offer LED backlight solutions that we design and tailor to custom-fit your exact needs. Our controllers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your unique panel specifications or virtually any OEM LCD panel.

led backlight repair BENEFITs

ccfl to led backlight conversion

Removing an older CCFL backlight and adding a LED backlight can extend the usage of the original LCD screen beyond any CCFL replacement.

We can find the correct color temperature and brightness LEDs to match the existing CCFL design. We can design our rails in a way to fit the existing CCFL footprint internally. We can design and implement simple power circuits that allow the LEDs to integrate into the existing circuity seamlessly.

ccfl to led backlight benefits
industrial lcd in factory
led indicator & warning light repair

Failed LEDs and warning lights can result in loss of indication, alert lighting, and power indication. LED repairs are an affordable way to return the unit to a "return to service" state at a much lower cost than replacing the complete system.

ccfl replacement

CCFL backlights can dim or be broken easily. Replacing them can allow the original LCD to stay operational for an additional length of time.

AGDisplays finds matching bulbs suitable for the brightness, power, environment and usage of your display. CCFL backlight options are available for panels that are made by virtually all LCD manufacturers.

Once your CCFL assembly has been replaced, your display will be restored to new condition, with a bright and vibrant backlight.

when to replace your
ccfl backlight:
  • Backlight begins to have a reddish/pinkish hue
  • Backlight has gone completely dark
man working on ccfl wires
break out of industrial lcd display stack up
light guide repair

A simple evaluation and replacement of your LCD stack up can result in a cost effective component replacement. With the potential of saving you from reconfiguring your whole backlighting assembly, replacing the light guide can provide a significant  performance improvement. The LCD light guide provides enhanced LED uniformity and overall brightness for increased display readability. Additional benefits include increased efficiency and reduced power requirements.

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