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Industrial LCD 
Legacy & Obsolete Support

AGDisplays offers a drop in replacement service for customers who need to replace an LCD or LCD component when their original panel/part is unavailable; this service is also for customers who are looking for a cost effective, suitable replacement or upgrade to their existing LCD. AGDisplays offers availability of standard or custom high-quality LCDs of virtually all shapes and sizes.

By the time your panel is end of life, seeking replacement from the original manufacturers may incur premium prices for their replacement LCD parts. If your legacy LCD equipment is in need of a technology upgrade, and you have design/equipment elements to consider, AGDisplays has drop in replacements for a cost effective solution.

Simply provide us with your panel part number, general specifications (if possible) and any other upgrade requirements or desires that you might have, we source these products for you or we can source an equivalent replacement, as desired. Using a replacement LCD does not compromise on quality and compatibility; we ensure functionality and performance are top priority because we know how critical the LCD interface is for your application.

End of Life notification

You may receive notifications from your original equipment manufacturer about your LCD panel. There are a couple of announcements to pay attention to: End of Life (EOL) Notification and End of Sale Date. The end of life announcement will officialize a future cease production date for the indicated part number. It may also indicate the end of sale date, which is the last date customers are able to order the product through the manufacturer. After this date, the product will no longer be for sale. Typically end of life announcements come six to twelve months before the last time buy date. A few months later is when your last time buy will ship.

When you've receive notifications like this, get ahead of your production schedule and contact an AGDisplays Representative today for fast and affordable LCD solutions.

industrial lcd product
lcd mounting enclosure
Previous design
retrofit modification

AGDisplays considers all aspects of an LCD build when supporting your legacy design. This includes the enclosure and mounting setup the LCD solution is secured in.

Metal bracket and mounting hardware can be developed to allow you to use a previous LCD solution in a new application. Quickly launch prototypes and proof of concept configurations using existing hardware and allowing us to think outside of the box for your team with innovative solutions.

legacy product support
and repair

Supporting LCDs and complete display assemblies for many years is a core competency of ours. From identifying replacement hardware to replace end of life components or repairing displays made over a decade ago, continuation of support for your customers is king. We love bringing our talents to the table to help extend product cycles in an quickly evolving industry.

  • Keep older, obsolete, or discontinued displays like CRT and CCFLs in the field
  • Convert older display signals to the correct modern input/output
person with white gloves performing repair on lcd component
adapter board with flat flex cable

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