Controller Repair

AGDisplays works with industrial customers to repair or replace failing controller boards. Our solutions are designed for high reliability and durability. Knowing our products are used in commercial products, AGDisplays inspects workmanship throughout the controller repair process. Our LCD controller repairs are suitable for Aerospace, Military, Marine, Medical, Security and Industrial applications.

In addition to repairs, we customize LCD controllers for specific customer application. Our modifications and custom-made controllers extend component durability, functionality and lifecycle.

LED controller repair

An LED controller (or LED driver) is what powers the LED backlight in your LCD display. LEDs may be in a string, or rail. LEDs are low-voltage light sources and require a constant DC voltage or current to operate at its best. The LED controller’s job is to adjust and respond to the need of an active rail of LEDs in an LCD display. The controller regulates the amount of power the LEDs receive.It is important to gauge the voltage and how this varies with temperature; otherwise, other internal components may become damaged.

If an LCD is not using an LCD driver, the LEDs are not limited in the amount of current it draws. This may cause units to overheat and burn out quickly. Using low voltage LEDs allows for easy adaptation of different power supplies, allows longer stand-by power, and increases LCD safety. AGDisplays experts are able to select LED controllers that are best matched with your specific LCD build or LCD design. Using the wrong voltage driver will result in LEDs not lighting up or operating at higher currents than suggested.

signs of a broken led controller

For maximum dependability and energy efficiency, LED rails will require compatible LED controllers. AGDisplays manufactures LED controllers to accommodate your LED's advancing technology. Our controllers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your unique panel specifications or virtually any OEM LCD panels. The difference between AGDisplays and our competitors is that our controllers provide a high brightness output while still keeping power consumption low.

Our controller capabilities have a wide adjustable input range that can be adjusted anywhere from 12 to 24 volts. All of our controllers are constant current which means they automatically regulate and adjust the current appropriately to maintain a safe and constant current to your LED rails. The controllers, GI-3002, GI-3002-NV, GP-3001, and DB-3000 are DC to DC power inverters with an error loop filter, and pulse width modulation dimmer control for your LED backlight strings. Our experts modify firmware to accommodate your design's dimming cycle/curve. Our customizable LEDS are designed to drive High Bright LED boards or a stock LED backlight.

benefits of agdisplays led controllers
AGDisplays manufactured led controllers
Constant Current LED Drivers

Constant-current drivers are for LEDs that have a fixed output current and a range of output voltages. LEDs that require a constant current driver have a designated supply of current, labeled in amps or milliamps. The drivers vary the voltage along the electronic circuit; this allows the current to remain constant throughout the LED lighting system.

‘Thermal runaway’ is a term that refers to any extra current that is beyond the recommended maximum drive current. If the LED current is not regulated, the current drawn may be more than the maximum rated for the LED. Running an LED driver with excess thermal runaway will reduce LED and driver lifespan; premature burn out may occur due to the increased temperature. Our drivers are constant current, which mean you won't have to worry about thermal runaway, thus extending the life of your driver.

  • Controllers avoid moving past the maximum current specified for the LEDs
  • Easier for designers to control applications
  • Create more consistent brightness
agdisplays lcd display
demonstration of lcd dimming capability
led dimming

Drivers that have dimming can dim LED light output over the full range of 100 to 0 percent. Drivers may reduce forward current, pulse width modulation (PWM) or other more sophisticated methods. Using a driver that employs dimming via the PWM method keeps color shift minimal while dimming is enabled. Dimming does not result in efficiency loss; when the LEDs are dimmed, they are still operating at the same voltage and current as they are normally.

Constant voltage power supply receives standard line voltage, which is 120-277VAC. Constant voltage drivers switches the VAC to a low direct current voltage, VDC. This driver will always maintain a constant voltage, regardless of what kind of current is put into it.

LCD Controller & Board repair

What exactly is an LCD controller board (also known as an A/D board) and what does it do? An LCD controller board allows video sources to connect to the LCD display. The controller board accepts a signal input (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA etc) from another source. The controller then formats the signal, scales the resolution, and outputs to a format suitable for the LCD display (LVDS, eDP, TTL, etc). LCD controller boards are able to manage LCD brightness control, image and color control.

measurement of lcd controller

symptoms of broken LCD controller & board
  • Backlight is on but there is no picture showing
  • Flashing image or display
  • Wrong display resolution
  • Partial image/display

Touchscreen controller repair

The touchscreen controller allows the touch input to be relayed to the rest of the LCD system. Proper connectivity and function of the touchscreen controller is essential to the usability of the touchscreen. As you navigate the touchscreen interface, zooming in, or selecting apps, the touch controller is responsible for translating your touch commands into the appropriate action.

While replacing the touchscreen is better than replacing your whole LCD unit, simply replacing the touchscreen controller adds even more cost savings to your project. AGDisplays inspects and diagnoses every panel in Class 1000 clean room so that internal LCD components are handled with extreme care.

Symptoms of a broken touchscreen controller

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