lcd display development kit for engineers

Cable Troubeshooting

When building or repairing an industrial LCD unit, cable connectors play an important role in bringing the different functionality. When creating industrial LCD designs, project considerations must be precise to integrate with the specifications of the surrounding design. AGDisplays works with our vetted partners to ensure cabling that is manufactured with precision and built with quality materials.

adapter board with flat flex cable
flat flex cables

With flat flex cable (FFC) design, we can utilize chip on flex technology to pair LCD and touchscreen controllers directly to the LCD. Cables are offered in standard sizes or can be customized to length.

hybrid wires

Hybrid wires offer the benefits of both the discrete wire and the flat flex cable. The connected technology allows for easy replacement of bulky wire cabling and therefore saves space.


AGDisplays offers custom extension cables to help you create a cohesive and unified design. We offer backlight cable extensions and adapters, flat flex cables, flex printed circuits and round wire.

flex printed circuit
Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) has the potential to replace many rigid boards or connectors in a design. The single-sided circuitry is ideal for dynamic/high-flex applications and those applications where thickness and space constraints are top priority.

FPDI-1/VESA compliance

These VESA FPDI-1 compliant wires provide a smooth insertion and extraction, aiding to secure connections and an easy lock mechanism. The advantages of using these flat connectors is that they allow for small dimensions because they have a low profile and a narrow width design

fpdi-1 cable rainbow
agdisplays adapter board for lcd display industrial
Adapter board replacement

Adapter boards connect applications together using two or four layer boards, allowing for your project to meet power and connectivity requirements. AGDisplays sources adapter boards so building and implementing advanced wiring technology is easy and fast.

Micro coax

AGDisplays utilizes micro coax cables to connect panels, motherboards and other LCD peripherals. We offer gauge as thick as 40 AWG at standard lengths. Our micro coax cables meet UL standards.

micro coax cable for lcd display
lcd display development kit for engineers
development kits

Get your LCD project off the ground fast with AGDisplays’ development kits for prototyping. We have a selection of high quality connectors with flying leads, designed by our experts for increased LCD compatibility and enhanced performance.

Our team aims to improve design time and increase the lifecycle of your project components. That’s why we combine the best quality cabling components for our development kits. AGDisplays can also provide pairing and sourcing of the cabling/interface to drive your unit.

open ends

AGDisplays designs custom flying leads and open ended wiring assemblies for prototyping and benchwork needs. With thousands of cables at your fingertips, we provide you with the opportunity to create custom wiring prototypes.

open fly lead cable for development engineering kit
Technician repairing lcd controller board

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