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broken lcd replacement

When you notice your LCD is broken, you may feel almost certain that the whole unit is busted, with the only option to replace everything. LCD repairs seem intimidating, but actually there are a handful of components that usually make up the typical LCD build. From LED backlighting to coverglass replacement, AGDisplays works with industrial companies to restore LCD units to goodworking order. We design and upgrade LCD systems to perform beyond standard capabilities in the environment unique to our customers. Further, during LCD replacement, we are able to replace the touch sensor to restore touchscreen capability. Read more about our touchscreen repair here.

If your LCD is cracked, or you're unable to see anything that's displayed on the screen, replacing just the LCD and preserving the rest of your build is certainly doable. Our broken LCD service allows us to test and diagnose problems; allowing us to rule out components and pinpoint trouble areas. Accuracy when diagnosing repairs allows customers to upgrade and repair cost-effectively.

Review below a few scenarios that you could find yourself in. Both these screens have different and specific issues. Inside the LCD unit is an actual LCD display. Instead of redesigning a new solution, we're able to remove the LCD from the housing unit and test for function, performance and errors. If we have determined a replacement is necessary, we'll find a matching LCD from one of our trusted vendors. Your replacement will match closely in specification and performance, at a low cost point. Want a better display? We'll select a replacement based off of your new specification requirements. AGDisplays sources, ships and replaces the LCD for you so you have one point of contact, and none of the hassle.

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  • Broken/Defective LCD Replacement
  • Drop In Replacement LCDs
  • Global LCD Sourcing
  • Logistics and Service Chain Management
  • Faulty Data Evaluation
  • LCD Disposal & Recycling
  • Custom Refurbishment and Repair Program
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Replacing a BROKEN LCD

Without knowing what exactly is wrong, AGDisplays will take your LCD in for evaluation. We'll evaluate and document signs of your broken display. Some repairs will be performed through repolarization, coverglass debonding/rebonding. We may determine the cause would require replacing one or some of the following: touchscreen, LED rails, or controllers. Oftentimes, it is simply a new LCD needing to be integrated.

When your broken LCD is replaced, it also provides you a new backlight and polarizer surface. This means you will be gaining additional longevity out of your device by repairing the LCD. Since the LCD is the human interface to most equipment, you’re benefiting from not only returning your device to working condition, you are also benefiting from expanding the lifetime of the device itself.

Signs of a Broken LCD Display
BENEFITs to lcd replacement
BENEFITs to lcd sourcing

Internal LCD contamination

Does your LCD screen look foggy or dirty on the inside? Microparticle contaminants are everywhere; they can get into the LCD and build up overtime. While unappealing, dust build up can cause permanent visible damage to some components and can even cause other components to fail.

Cleaning out contamination is a delicate process that involves cleaning agents specific to the application at hand. Internal debris from inside a LCD can be removed and offer a like new LCD view at a fraction of the cost of a LCD replacement.

Signs of LCD Contamination
Faulty Data evaluation

Faulty LCD data often appears as multi-colored vertical lines on the LCD screen. This could be the result of cable or controller failure, or other LCD hardware failures. Instead of simply replacing the LCD screen, which could cause long lead times, consider allowing us to diagnose the root of the issue.

AGD can diagnose faulty data caused by EMI, signal noise, timing patterns or faulty electronics. We repair or replace the failed components of LCD controllers or cables. All data is evaluated and verified with the Chroma LCM Tester.

  • Verticle multi-colored lines
  • Shaky/bouncy LCD picture
  • Distorted colors
  • Fuzz/static
  • Data interference
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