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AGDisplays works frequently with Industrial companies to repair their LCD units from coverglass to LED cables. Below is an expanded set of industrial LCD repair services that bring a new level of ease to your LCD project. We continue to strive to meet all LCD needs so that you can come to AGDisplays as your one-stop-shop.

membrane overlay for lcd


We replace external switches (such as ON/OFF) on display systems. Our range of graphic overlays are printed with high quality care and precision.

electromagnetic protection mesh film


Our EMI repair will block electronic interference between your panel & surrounding equipment. AGDisplays integrates effective EMI mesh repairs for a low cost solution to EMI protection.

night vision image of helicopter


Our NVIS backlighting designs instantly update your LCD systems to be compatible with night vision technology. From passive to robust solutions.

technician adding lcd polarizer film to display


LCD repolarization restores the front coverglass appearance: it gets rid of surface scratches and improves abrasion resistance. Finishing options vary: anti-glare, anti-reflective and more.

lcd with transparent heater


AGDisplays works to increase performance in extreme weather. Hot or cold, our repairs upgrade your heat management system with fans or transparent heaters.

soldered screws


For LCD open frame and panel mount displays. If your frame or mounting is bent or broken, we can retool and remake the metalwork.

rainbow cable ribbon


Cables have many points of failure and can often cause complete system failures. Evaluating the cable harnesses can allow AGDisplays to replace old or damaged parts with new cabling designs.

break out of industrial lcd display stack up


When your LCD's light guide is not diffusing your light source correctly, we can adjust the fitting/angle, or replace it for a brighter, more effective backlight.

Military LCD Repair Services

Why can you trust us to handle your military-grade LCD repair project? AGDisplays has been working with customers in the Defense industry since our inception in 2007. We're seasoned in repairing LCDs that have been battered in wet environments to extreme heat. Our repairs and enhancements outlast standard display attributes and can even extend past expected obsolescence. We live up to our reputation by providing repeat defense customers and military subcontractors with one-stop-shop LCD services: from new LCD designs to repairs and lifecycle extension, customers trust in us for all their LCD display needs.

What is so unique about our repair program? AGD's refurbishment program allows AGDisplays to work with your unusable LCDs to restore your broken LCDs to good working order. We work one-to-one with your team members to discuss and evaluate LCD application and failings so that we can bring our most relevant services to the table. Once we have your units in-hand, we disassemble, evaluate and test your LCDs to get to the root of the technical issue. After we've concluded our tests and have formulated an effective solution, AGDisplays works with your team to build your custom repair program that saves you valuable time by preventing redesign or unnecessary new purchases.

Our repair program is built uniquely to your project needs, so you won't waste time or money on services and parts that you don't need. We make every effort to bring new and innovative techniques to extend product lifecycles. Our aim is to side-step obsolescence and increase compatibility between old and new technology. AGDisplays is trusted to bring LCD repairs and services that are built for rugged environments. We work with all Military and Defense display systems:

  • Cockpit Displays (Plane and Naval)
  • Onboard/Dashboard Displays (Humvees)
  • Handheld Equipment Displays (Metal Detectors)
  • PDA/Smartphone/Tablet Displays
  • GPS & Radar Displays
  • Medical Displays
  • HUD Displays
  • Weapons System Displays
  • Flight Simulator Displays
  • Character Displays & Dials
  • NVIS/High Bright Displays
  • Multi Display Systems
  • Ground Control Systems
  • Ground Vehicle Systems
  • Rackmount LCD Monitors
  • Legacy Panel Mount Displays

Military repair capabilities

AGDisplays works to bring the Military Segment repairs that ruggedize and protect LCDs while they're in the field. Our expertise expands to Military-related value adds and solutions such as night vision compatibility, MIL-STD codes and electromagnetic solutions. Other services and repairs bring your LCD units to a higher level of ruggedization for longer lasting function. Rugged solutions include integration methods, coverglass protection and EMI shielding value adds.

  • NVIS backlight and LED Failures
  • Strengthened Coverglass
  • Touchscreen Technology
  • Optical Bonding Removal & Replacement
  • LCD Salvaging
  • Lifetime Extension
  • Cable Configurations
  • Heater Repair and Replacement
  • EMI Mesh/ITO Film/Busbar Repairs
  • Overlay & Switch Replacements
  • LED Backlighting
  • Metal Chassis
  • CCFL to LED Conversion
  • Light Guide Repairs (Bruises)
  • Scratched Polarizer Repair


Don't be intimidated with LCD repairs and designwork. AGDisplays works one-on-one with your experts to customize LCD designs, repairs and upgrades to the needs of your project.

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Case Study


We were contacted by a customer to support a legacy product that contained both broken LCDs and broken touchscreens; the design build employed an optical bond. The customer had a storage of these broken LCDs in their facility.
AGDisplays was able to source both the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) touch sensor and the OEM LCD, which were both EOL. We took the customers' damaged stock and removed the optical bond, allowing us to separate and replace the broken components. Once separated, we integrated the new LCD and touch components with a fresh optical bond application.
By refurbishing the customers' broken LCDs, AGDisplays coordinated cost savings on freight and components. Our global access to trusted LCD vendors prevented frustration from low quality sourcing and timeframe delays.

Case Study


A customer sent us their EOL (end-of-life) 3.8" Sharp panel. They had old CCFL bulbs that were failing in the field, with the request to replace.

We designed an LED rail for their equipment that integrated without having to redesign their whole system. This resulted in an increase in longevity of their end-of-life/legacy display system. The LED upgrade gave them brighter backlight usage, while saving R&D time and replacement cost.